Clothing vs Personality – is there a connection?

Change is the only constant.

And like all change, fashion trends are constantly changing.


How Clothing Reflects Personality

The clothes we wear reflect much about our sense of style.  It creates a perception of our sense of self in the eyes of other people.  Historically, fashion has always been related to an individual’s disposition of who they are; giving us an idea of what that person is about. Our individual personalities magnify who we are and what we represent, and our clothing choices in the round are an extension of our personalities, allowing us to express our inner thoughts, feelings, mood and statements. Conversely, changing our clothing choice can elevate our mood, owing to the comfort we get from the clothes we buy or are gifted, since changing our clothing style or choice can make a huge difference to our body image, overall style and appearance.


A Symbol Of Status

Fashion is not only limited to the clothes we wear or the way we dress, but it is also a part of our appearance, ethics, traditions, our culture, moral values and the characteristics by which we identify ourselves. Some traditions or parts of the world will experience very little change over long periods of time. But generally, fashion around the world is continuously evolving. This is especially true for younger generations in western cultures. In ancient times, certain clothing styles were worn as a symbol of status. So much so that it could be seen as a symbol of the differentiation between castes and communities.

Similarly, in recent times, branded clothing and accessories have become a symbol of status. Conversely, a piece of clothing picked from a street vendor or high street store could generalise the type of person wearing it. It’s quite ‘normal’ for celebrities, influencers and the wealthy to go for designer brands and exclusive one-off pieces. Extravagance and exclusivity is seen as a sign of status or wealth or power and as an investment into that feeling, budget permitting, there are people who are willing to pay the (extravagant) prices!

Social Media

The rise of social media has changed the way we view ‘friends’.  Facebook, Instagram, Tik -Tok and other sites are community places that often celebrate indie brands.

Social media gives us the power to form new friendships, but not ‘friends’ in the traditional sense.  Social media communities are the alternative to traditional retailing and allows brands to bring the ‘personality’ aspect of their products to the fore.

For the millennial generation, it is important to adapt to current trends and be able to attract social friends.  Clothing is a form of self-perception and a way to affiliate, gain social status and bond with their peers.  A form of ‘self-projection’ almost.

Our way of buying has now changed, especially for the millennial.  It is now considered ‘normal’ to first go online before buying product to see what the reviews are and who is wearing what!  Fashion is no different, to the contrary it has been taken to the next level. With influencers quite often doing videos on ‘shopping hauls’ displaying their latest buys, wearing the products, linking in or tagging the retailers to increase the reach for both parties – a win:win situation.


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This blog was produced in collaboration with HR Consultancy Birmingham: Nectar HR and producers of Comfortable Shoes: Jhuti.


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