Big Wide Grin Re-visited

  Having been on an amazing E-Commerce journey  for the last 6 months and getting some excellent feedback from our lovely customers we felt it was time to re-fresh our brand image.

 We got to work and spent a lot of time & energy getting our brand identity and look refined.

  So much effort went into planning, designing, photography and much more to come up with an identity that reflects who we are as a brand.

  Again our team, family and friends have been very supportive during these difficult times….So appreciative and thankful of their continued support.

  We have continued to develop on current trends and expand our product range into Accessories, Active wear, Dresses & Tops.

  Each of our collections have been carefully thought out and personally designed or developed to give it our uniqueness.

  We have added some new pieces to launch our Spring/Summer 2021 range. This will continue to grow over the next few weeks.

  We hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as the previous collections.

  Please stay updated on our upcoming news and new product range here, and do share and follow us on Social Media.

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